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August 1, 2000 
October 25, 2014
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Apparently our tireless columnist has decided he's not quite as tireless as he'd have us believe. Apparently he's off somewhere slacking. Apparently he has completely forgotten to write an article for today's column. Apparently you, kind reader, have been saved. Consider this a blessing.
SailGeek is about change and becoming. Seeking and finding. Living and suffering and love. Love of a family, love of the sea, love of a boat named Good Omens. The story goes like this. I quit my job at the Internet company I co-founded, bought a boat, read a bunch of books on how to sail, broke the boat, fixed the boat, broke the boat some more, decided we needed a different boat, searched for a boat again, found a boat, bought a boat for the second time, said "tally-ho" to the world and off my family and I went, kicking and screaming into the sunset with a bunch of canned food and P.G. Wodehouse books. Well, perphaps not in that order, but that's the Hollywood version.

The real version is just over there...

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From the Mizzen Heather Tinnaro
March 9, 2001
I can't remember how long it has been blowing. Only a few days, really. The warmth of February's afternoons spoiled me. I even took my sister Lesley to the beach. Today, as I stood at the sink staring into the wispy sunrise, my toes shrank from the cold, bare floor.


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